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The University Star

University Star: Award-winning student media

The University Star is a multi-platform campus media outlet that prints a broadsheet newspaper twice a week and runs a digital news site seven days a week. It serves a growing campus community of more than 36,000 students and the greater San Marcos area with a population of more than 54,000.

Aside from the traditional newsroom equipped to produce a print publication, the Star maintains a fully equipped production studio used to produce video news programs and podcasts published online. The Star also has an active social media presence.

The Star has amassed numerous awards over the years, including national awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. The Star also regularly wins awards from TIPA, the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.


Independent campus media

As an independent campus media outlet, students run the Star. Annually, a student publications board hires a student editor-in-chief. The editor is responsible for hiring and supervising the remaining staff. The student staff produces all content for the print edition and the website.

The First Amendment and U.S. Supreme Court decisions support the independence of campus media. The University Star enjoys the same freedoms and responsibilities as any news outlet.


Paid staff and facilities

The student staff includes reporters, section editors, copy editors, photographers, videographers, designers and an advertising sales staff. Editors are paid a monthly stipend, and other staff members are paid for material produced. Some students work for the Star in return for college credit and others volunteer their efforts. It is not necessary to be a mass communications major to work at the Star or to contribute content.

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication and Texas State University support the Star by providing office space and equipment. University faculty and staff also serve as advisers to the student news and advertising staff.


History - editor and president

The Star was founded in 1911 when the university was known as Southwest Texas Normal School. Student Fred W. Adams, son of the founder of Adams Extract and Spice Company, is credited with starting the Star. The paper’s most notable editor was Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th U.S. president. Johnson served as Star editor during the summers of 1929 and 1929 while completing a degree in history with a teaching certificate.

Star contact information
Newsroom: Trinity Building, Texas State University
Phone: 512-245-3487

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Twitter: @UniversityStar
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