Lab sessions in OM 314 (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). What we want to accomplish during the lab will be editing a demo package using your team's script, video clips, interviews and narration.

If you're part of the 2:30 group, then you don't have to report to lab at 12:30. Everyone must be punctual for whatever time he or she is listed. If you're not present, I'll start without you.

Digital Video Editing

. The Tuesday teams will meet Feb. 4. at:

**Bradley Barnes
Austin Bailey
Rylee Kotzur
Lessly Lopez
Vanity Johnson
Melvin Ayal

**Andrew Zimmel
Jake Norrie
Ethan Hunt
Hope Kronke
Megan Reger
Samuel Turner

  The Thursday teams will meet Feb. 6 at:

**Hector Montemayor-Perez
Manzura Albekova
Bob Flores
Mikal Henley
**Christian Godinez
Cameron Hubbard
John Nicholas Cervantez
Collin Schonoff
Vanessa Gerlich


The Monday teams will meet Feb. 10 at:

**Emily Martin
Samantha Dugdale
Pearce O'Neal
Draven Hughes
Mercedes Atkinson

**Krista Andrews
Guarionex Molina Martinez
Logan McIlveen
Constunce Brantley
Marcel Negrete

**denotes script narrator

  The third Monday team will meet Feb 17.

**Ryan Huntington
Orel Rosales
Alex Cummings
Ericka Paraan
Christian Njus
Arlett Ramirez