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General Mass Communication Faculty Research & Accomplishments

Tom Grimes

Dr. Grimes’s research interests divide between two areas: human information processing and the effect of violent media on children with common mental ailments. His publications in human information processing examine the way visual clutter on TV screens (e.g., news crawls, sports scores) interfere with memory and attentional processing needed to understand messages news anchors and reporters are conveying. Recent publications in this area have appeared in Human Communication Research (2005) and Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (2003). Publications that examine the interaction between media violence and mental illness focus on the role of psychopathic ailments and their tendency to distort violent media messages for people who suffer from these ailments. His recent publications in this area have appeared in Human Communication Research (2004), American Behavioral Scientist (in press), and in Professor Grimes’s new book (with co-authors James Anderson and Lori Bergen) entitled Violence and Media Aggression published by Sage Publications (2008).

Vanessa Higgins Joyce

Dr. Higgins Joyce’s research has recently been published in a chapter of the book Agenda Setting in a 2.0 World: New Agendas in Communication, in the Encyclopedia of Humor Studies and also in the journals Journalism and Journal of Global Mass Communication. Dr. Higgins Joyce is interested in the exchange of information and communication across national boundaries, and the increased interconnectedness with recent technology, and the effects that these exchanges have in people’s perceptions of issues and communities.

Kate Peirce-Burleson

Much of Dr. Peirce-Burlson’s research is in the field of gender, race and class in the media. In 2006 Peirce was elected to the board of directors of the Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication.

Sandhya Rao

Dr. Rao has received numerous honors and grants in her academic career. Her research focus is on the diffusion and growth of new media technologies in the Asian region with particular emphasis on India. She has published two Books (edited): Cyberpath to Development in Asia--Issues and Challenges , Praeger; and Critical Issues in Communication: Looking Inward for Answers, Sage. She has also published numerous book chapters and journal articles. Dr. Rao has presented research papers at International, National and Regional Conferences.