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Graduate Degree

Graduate Students

A World of Opportunities

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers opportunities for media professionals and recent graduates to expand their education and training within the mass communication field. The courses offered cultivate strong research, analytical and digital skills that prove advantageous to media professionals. The curriculum emphasizes digital competencies across the core and elective classes.

The program enables students whose undergraduate major may not have been mass communication to gain digital skills (e.g., web design, digital storytelling, storytelling across platforms and writing) and a theoretical base for mass communication careers. The Master of Arts in Mass Communication is a professional master’s degree suited for working professionals.

Courses offered in the program address a variety of topics such as digital storytelling, applied research and theory, digital media issues, mass communication law/ethics, and a variety of other digital skills-based courses. In addition, students can select courses from outside the school to supplement their studies. Students may choose the thesis track, which requires 33 hours, or the professional project track, which requires 36 hours.

Courses are held during the evening hours, so working professionals can commute to campus, or online. A full-time course load is 9 hours. Most students enroll full-time and still work full-time. They graduate in two years.


The School of Journalism and Mass Communication is housed in historic Old Main. Situated on top of a hill, Old Main has become the University’s most recognizable symbol. The building houses faculty offices, lecture rooms, television editing facilities, computer laboratories and a conference room. Graduate student assistants are provided office space and resource room facilities.