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Students may choose to opt for Strategic Communication, Digital Media or the Global Media concentrations.

Strategic Communication

Students in the Strategic Communication concentration will gain skills in the areas of advertising and public relations. Topics covered include: strategic communication theory and research, strategic communication campaigns, crisis, and ethics.
Take the following courses:
  • MC 5308 – Seminar in Strategic Communication
  • MC 5338 – Ethics and Crisis in Strategic Communication (Prerequisites MC 5308)
  • MC5326 – Strategic Communication Campaigns (Prerequisites: MC5308, MC 5338)

Digital Media

Students taking the Digital Media concentration focus on acquiring digital skills. They learn how to apply digital media theories in strategically communicating via media such as the Internet and mobile devices. Students have the opportunity to participate in the interactive segment of the SXSW conference and provide their own take on this award-winning web site:
Take the following courses:
  • MC 5312 – Digital Media Design (Prerequisites: MC 5328)
  • MC 5334 – Storytelling Across Platforms (Prerequisites: MC 5328/Coreq MC 5312)
  • MC 5339 – Managing Digital Content (Prerequisites: MC 5312, MC 5334)

Global Media

Students in the Global Media concentration will focus on gaining knowledge in the area of global media and communication. Whether students work in organizations right here in Central Texas or work outside the state/country they are in a global environment that requires communicating with audiences worldwide. 
Take the following courses:
  • MC 5310 – Global Media Issues
  • MC 5337 – Global Media in the Connected World
  • MC 5322 – Global Media Strategy in Advertising and Public Relations

Please Note:

  • Students may declare only one concentration.

  • There are limited numbers in each concentration due to the project.
  • Students do not have to declare a concentration if they do not wish to.

  • Some courses are not offered each semester.

  • Students must plan their program in consultation with the Graduate Advisor.