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Internships are a great way to gain hands-on media experience in real-world environments under the supervision of professional practitioners. Students can build their resumes, make media contacts, and network. Such experiences may also lead to employment with the organization after graduation. Internship counts toward program credit.


For more information, please contact:

Chuck Kaufman
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Texas State University-San Marcos
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666-4614.
Tel: 512-245-3479 Fax: 512.245.7649


Here’s what some graduate students (alumni and current students) have to say about the internships they did:

Bharati Naik interned with CNN, New York. She started off with Newsnight with Aaron Brown and moved to Anderson Cooper 360.

 “Initially there were a few training classes which gave a better understanding about the software used and how things work in collecting and dispersing information. The internship in itself consists of various tasks right from logging in tapes to assisting in the control room. There is no end to learning something new. The point is to remember to always keep asking to be shown something that you are interested in doing. Many times it may require you to do the same thing but I guess that’s part and parcel of the internship process. I have worked from 3 in the afternoon to 12 in the night and a few days even later than that.” Bharati  enjoyed doing her internship and is now a freelancer for the American Morning, CNN, New York.


Amanda Paysse interned in Vina del Mar, Chile at a real estate agency as well as at a university in Valparaiso, Chile.

 “For the real estate agency, I created advertising fliers, brochures, presentations, and a marketing plan. At the university, I worked in the study abroad office. I created electronic fliers and brochures and contacted over 200 universities in the United States and other countries to ask if they wanted a study abroad program with the university. During the internship experience, I learned the culture and language of Chile.”

 Amanda also did an independent study about Internet uses in Chile and her coauthored paper "Staying Connected Via the Internet in Chile" has been accepted for presentation at the 2006 conference for the International Association for Media & Communication Research (IAMCR) in Cairo, Egypt.

 Rachel Hollon interned with the Life Section of USA Today in McLean, Virginia.

“My internship included extensive research for the Life Section, contacting informants, holding phone and in-person interviews, getting familiarized with Excel and Microsoft Access, writing clips and attending daily and weekly news meetings. It was a very hectic 8-week internship that taught me more about the newspaper business than I ever dreamed imaginable.”


Download the Internship Application below:

NEWAPP817 (DOC, 43 KB)