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Digital Graduate Programs

Students taking the Graduate Digital Media Concentration focus on acquiring online media writing, development and design skills. They learn how to apply digital media theories to communication and study the effects of the Internet, mobile devices and social media. Students have the opportunity to participate in the interactive segment of the SXSW conference and work on the award-winning web site: They can also participate in other conferences, projects and events.

All graduate students in the program must take MC 5316 Digital Media Issues. This course examines the role of digital media, including the Internet, Web and mobile technologies. Issues discussed include social media and cyberculture research, technology diffusion, data journalism and the effects of digital technologies on society and culture.

See the Digital Media Concentration page for details about degree requirements 

Graduate Digital Courses

MC 5312 Online Media Design: This course instructs students in Web development and design and addresses the appropriate usage of text, graphics, sound and video on mass communication sites. The class also addresses social and theoretical implications of technology, such as the digital divide, cyberlaw, e-commerce, and Web credibility and accessibility.

MC5317 Advanced Online Media: Students will gain advanced skills in multimedia layout and design. Techniques include audio/video editing, Flash development, and database management as practiced in the communication disciplines. Theoretical and practical considerations of emerging technologies to the media industry will be integrated with production techniques.

MC5304W Web Content Management Systems: Students in this class will develop advanced Web building skills. Specifically, students will be introduced to various Web Content Management Systems and taught how to use these applications to manage content and build Web sites efficiently.

MC5324 Media Writing (Web emphasis): This course is designed to impart media writing skills specifically for digital media. Students will learn information gathering and interviewing skills, and narrative techniques pertinent to digital media platforms.

MC 5304Z SXTXState Project: Attend and cover the South By Southwest Interactive conference. Hear from and meet the most progressive innovators working in technology. Students must apply for a limited number of positions on this project that takes place in the spring. Learn more.

MC 5323 Current Issues: Digital Media Entrepreneurship: This course will explore innovation and creativity associated with digital entrepreneurship. Through a speaker series, students will be introduced to important concepts and ideas from thought leaders and innovators at the intersection of media and technology. More information on the TXSTDigital page.

MC5304R Documentaries for Digital Media: Discussion, development and analysis of documentary video and digital media. Students will explore electronic media techniques used in writing and producing features, documentaries, and related programming. Designed for the novice student with emphasis on pre-and-post-production activities from research to final project.