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Holly Wise

Holly Wise

Personal Email:
Office: Old Main 236B
Phone: 512-245-8475

MC1313 – Writing for Mass Media
MC3321 – Newswriting and Reporting I
MC4321 - Newswriting and Reporting II
MC3383 – Editing for Clear Communication
MC1100 – Framing Solutions Journalism Through Digital Narrative
MC4356H – Multimedia Journalism
MC4382L – Feature Writing

Holly Wise graduated from Murray State University with her master’s degree in mass communications and has spent the majority of her career managing newsrooms in various media markets in New Mexico and Texas.

Wise’s area of journalistic expertise is in solutions journalism and to that end, she founded VoiceBox Media in 2012. Its purpose is to provide rigorous analysis of social problems and how people are solving them. Every semester, Wise recruits teams of mass communication students to intern at VoiceBox Media. Some of their reporting projects have included examining poverty in San Marcos, local social activists in Baltimore and immigration in border cities. Their work has been published in the Austin American-Statesman, Latina Lista and the San Marcos Daily Record.

In 2015, Wise began the Texas State Global News Team in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The team’s first trip was to Nicaragua in January 2016 to embed with the Texas State University School of Nursing students and faculty. The team of six students produced nearly 50 pieces of multimedia content, which was published on the website they designed and managed. Wise is recruiting students to return to Nicaragua in 2017.

In her spare time, Wise hikes with her German shepherds and tries to play her best game of racquetball.