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Jon Zmikly

Jon Zmikly

Personal Web page:
Office: Old Main 230B

Courses Taught:
US 1100, University Seminar
MC 1100E, Digital Tools: Virtual Reality and 360 Video
MC 1100E, Digital Tools: Chatbots and AI for Communicators
MC 1100F, Digital Concepts: Digital Media Ethics
MC 1100F, Digital Concepts: Digital First Mindset
MC 1313, Writing for the Mass Media
MC 3390, Media Design
MC 4309, Visual Literacy: Film
MC 4315, Web Design and Publishing
MC 4325, Coding and Data Skills
MC 4336G, Virtual Reality & 360 Video
MC 4381, Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media

Jon Zmikly graduated from Central Michigan University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts and a minor in Media Design, Production & Technology. After working at two television stations and one radio station in his home state of Michigan, he received his master's degree in Media Studies with a concentration in new media at Texas State University-San Marcos. While a graduate student, he worked as a graduate instructional assistant, teaching Writing for Mass Communication (MC1313) labs and assisting with Television News (MC3312) classes. He also created and produced a variety television show called Studio B, interned at SXSW Interactive and became the webmaster at San Marcos Community Church.

Jon is currently a faculty member of the Digital Media Innovation program and the Assistant Director of the Media Innovation Lab. He has interests in coding, social media and immersive storytelling including virtual and augmented reality. He is also the co-founder of a full-service digital agency in Austin coiski and works at his church part-time. He is also the content manager of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication website and social accounts.