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Jon Zmikly

Jon Zmikly

Personal Web page:
Office: Old Main 230B
Phone: 248-977-8423

Courses Taught:
US 1100, University Seminar
MC 1100E, Digital Tools: Virtual Reality and 360 Video
MC 1100E, Digital Tools: Chatbots and AI for Communicators
MC 1100F, Digital Concepts: Digital Media Ethics
MC 1100F, Digital Concepts: Digital First Mindset
MC 1313, Writing for the Mass Media
MC 3390, Media Design
MC 4309, Visual Literacy: Film
MC 4315, Web Design and Publishing
MC 4325, Coding and Data Skills
MC 4336G, Virtual Reality & 360 Video
MC 4381, Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media

Jon Zmikly graduated from Central Michigan University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts and a minor in Media Design, Production & Technology. After working at two television stations and one radio station in his home state of Michigan, he received his master's degree in Media Studies with a concentration in new media at Texas State University-San Marcos. While a graduate student, he worked as a graduate instructional assistant, teaching Writing for Mass Communication (MC1313) labs and assisting with Television News (MC3312) classes. He also created and produced a variety television show called Studio B, interned at SXSW Interactive and became the webmaster at San Marcos Community Church.

Jon is currently a faculty member of the Digital Media Innovation sequence and has interests in coding, social media and immersive storytelling including virtual and augmented reality. He is also the co-founder of a full-service digital agency in Austin coiski and works at his church part-time. He is also the content manager of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication website and social accounts.