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Tom Grimes


Office: Old Main 228
Phone: 512-245-3483

Tom Grimes (B.S., University of Arkansas; M.S., Columbia University; Ph.D., Indiana University) is Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication. Most of his media experience was as a reporter/news anchor/news director at Dallas television and radio stations in the 1970s and 1980s, although he worked briefly at CBS News and ABC News in New York. His academic experience includes appointments as a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at Kansas State University, where he was the Ross Beach Professor of Journalism & Mass Communications before moving to Texas State in 2007.

Professor Grimes’s research interests divide between two areas: human information processing and the effect of violent media on children with common mental ailments. His publications in human information processing examine the way visual clutter on TV screens (e.g., news crawls, sports scores) interfere with memory and attentional processing needed to understand messages news anchors and reporters are conveying. Recent publications in this area have appeared in Human Communication Research (2005) and Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (2003). Publications that examine the interaction between media violence and mental illness focus on the role of psychopathic ailments and their tendency to distort violent media messages for people who suffer from these ailments. His recent publications in this area have appeared in Human Communication Research (2004), American Behavioral Scientist (in press), and in Professor Grimes’s new book (with co-authors James Anderson and Lori Bergen) entitled Violence and Media Aggression published by Sage Publications (2008).