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Credit-by-Exam/Off Campus Learning

Credit earned through examination may be awarded Texas State transfer credit when listed on an official transcript of the college or university where the student has been enrolled.  Such credits are evaluated by transfer credit criteria and awarded grades of credit (CR) only.  Credit by exam satisfies degree requirements in the same way as credit earned by passing courses except it does not count as credit earned in residence.  This also applies to students who received credit-by-examination from high school.  For further information contact the Testing, Research-Support and Evaluation Center at 512-245-2276 or

Correspondence/Extension/Study Abroad
The Offices of Correspondence, Extension & Study Abroad Programs enable students to customize their education by offering a full range of traditional correspondence courses, online courses, classroom courses located throughout Central Texas, and study abroad programs.
National Student Exchange
National Student Exchange or NSE, is a program that provides a unique opportunity for students to study at 180 Universities across 49 United States and the Territories, including Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.