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Academic Trouble?

How or when do I know my student is in academic trouble?

(Adopted from University College, Arizona State University)
Often the parents are the last to know when their student is doing poorly, academically. Your student should be the first to know if s/he is in academic trouble. While this statement is obvious, often students think they are doing fine or don't know how they are doing in their classes. Up to this point in a student's education, students have been used to getting frequent and immediate feedback from teachers. Now your student may not have any feedback on how he or she is doing in a class until s/he takes a midterm exam. In other words: no feedback (positive or negative) for the first seven weeks of a class. The bottom line is that your student will be the first to know if s/he is in trouble academically. For a number of reasons students are hesitant to share bad (academic) news with their parents. The key to finding out as soon as possible if your child is in academic trouble is having a sincere, honest relationship with your son or daughter.

Based on FERPA, no Texas State official will EVER contact you to tell you your student's grades or academic standing.