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Student vs. Parent Responsibilities

Student vs. Parent Responsibilities

(Adopted from University College, Arizona State University)
We don't expect or want you to take care of your student's "academic" business. While we are sure you have mixed feelings about your child being out-of-the-house and on their way to adulthood, it’s time for you to enjoy this stage in YOUR life. Let them take care of their own academic business. Provide just enough assistance for them to get the job done on their own.

Please, don't do the following for your student:

1. Register for him/her. While this can be a time consuming and frustrating process for your student, it doesn't require any skills or special abilities that your student lacks. This is a skill that the student needs to learn and be comfortable with during his/her college career. We also believe that by accomplishing this task on their own will help build transferable skills that may be used through out ones life.

2. Plan out his/her classes for the next four years. This is your son or daughter's responsibility. Creating a four year plan helps the student REALLY look at the courses/major s/he is pursuing. This helps them reflect on class choices and hopefully generate the following questions: "Am I really interested in this class?" “Do I really want to study _____ for the next...15 weeks?" "...four- five years?" Also, four year plans are good, but remember class/course availability can change from year to year (sometimes, even semester to semester). The more ownership/investment the student has in their graduation plan, the easier it is for them to adjust, shift and plan for a timely graduation date.