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How do I move from pre-mass communication to full-major?
You will pick-up your PUG test score in the SJMC office. If you pass the PUG test you will be given paperwork to complete. This paperwork serves as your application for full-major status. If at this time you meet all requirements for full-major status your records will be updated to reflect this in the system within 24 hours. If you are still lacking requirements for full-major status your records will be reviewed at the end of each semester and you will be updated then if you have attained the requirements.  If you have transfer work coming in from another institution that has not posted at the time of passing the PUG test it is your responsibility to inform the SJMC.

How do I change my major to mass communication if I’m undeclared or another major?
Please call the College of Fine Arts and Communicaiton Advising Center at 512-245-1932 to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor and change your major.

When should I achieve full-major status?
Simply put, as soon as possible. Freshman should do so no later than the middle of their sophomore year and transfer students should do so by the conclusion of their first long semester enrolled at Texas State. Degree programs within the SJMC are skills based and therefore prerequisite driven. Failure to obtain full-major status in a timely fashion will in most cases prolong your expected graduation date.

PUG Test
Students must earn a passing score on the Punctuation, Usage and Grammar (PUG) test at Texas State before they can be admitted to the school.  This is a special test for the Texas State School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  It is a separate test from other writing proficiency tests students may have taken and other tests may not be substituted for it.  Students may take the test however times they need to.

PUG Practice Test and Tutoring

Taking the PUG test

A TRACS site has been created to help pre-mass comm majors students study for the PUG exam.  The worksite is called PUG Review and it is located in the public or joinable site section of TRACS.  All Texas State University students have access to TRACS.