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What You Will Learn

Students will better understand how media function in different countries; they will learn about the strategic use of social media in global organizations; they will better understand cultural differences; they will be able to hone their writing skills; they will network with global media professionals; and in general, they will be able to acquire a global perspective which plays a crucial role in today’s global society.

The Location

London, the capital of England, is a modern global metropolis, and world business center housing hundreds of international companies, and a thriving cultural center drawing millions of visitors from all over the world. Standing on River Thames, London has a history of nearly 2000 years and was a site for the 1948 and 2012 Olympics. Landmarks such as the Buckingham Palace, the seat of British Monarchy, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey are known as much for their history as their architecture.

A second European city is chosen for each year's trip. Previous cities visited include Paris, Rome, and Geneva.

Program Criteria

  • Students must be in good academic standing to apply to the program. Undergraduates must have a minimum 2.0 TXST GPA and graduate students must have a minimum 3.0 TXST GPA
  • If the number of applicants exceeds the number that can be taken, then the following criteria will be applied to prioritize applicants:
  • Junior, senior and graduate students will be given preference over freshman and sophomore students.
  • SJMC full-majors will be given preference over pre-majors, minors, and other student populations
  • Undergraduate students with a 2.5+ overall GPA and Graduate students with a 3.5+ overall GPA will be given preference
  • Students who have not completed a SJMC study abroad program will be given preference over those that have completed a SJMC study abroad program. 

For more information contact:
Harry Bowers |  Phone: 512.245.2656 |  E-mail: