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Nicaragua 2017

What You Will Learn

Mass Comm Students:
In Multimedia Journalism, students will be introduced to topics related to multimedia journalism. Topics covered will include the new media profession, Web credibility, online reporting sources, cyberlaw including libel and copyright, blogging and podcasting, and basic multimedia design. Students will both critique and create online materials.

The City

Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua as well as the department and municipality by the same name. It is the largest city in Nicaragua in terms of population and geographic size. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Xolotlán or Lake Managua, the city was declared the national capital in 1852. ant industrial, commercial, political and cultural center. Today, Managua is Nicaragua's main political, social, cultural, educational and economic hub. Downtown has been rebuilt and new governmental buildings, galleries, museums, apartment buildings, squares, promenades, monuments, boat tours on Xolotlan Lake, restaurants, night entertainment, and new broad avenues are part of Managua's vitality.

Although major strides for improvement can be noted, this country remains a third world country in regards to healthcare. Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Adolescent Health, and Communicable disease continue to be a great need for the people of Nicaragua.

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